With UCMusings, I want to give University Communications and Marketing a voice. I hope that this blog illuminates what we are all about and helps to foster a community of communicators that are engaged and interested.

Profiing Faculty Achievement in Video


Supportive professors. Transformative learning experiences. Mission-minded. These three characteristics describe what students and faculty at Ohio University experience daily. The work of Professor Tarig Higazi, a Zanesville Campus faculty member, describes his work as a mission, not a profession. A video in Compass recognizes his outstanding education and research. His landmark report on his success in interrupting the tropical disease river blindness in the Sudan is discussed in a video Continue Reading

Front door fame


Early in the morning on October 9, University Communications and Marketing launched a new homepage for OHIO. Though I knew the new design was coming, the moment I saw the new page on my Mac, I did a double take. It.was.amazing! This would be the first overhaul I've been involved with at Ohio University. In 2009, when we announced a new look for the homepage, the project wasn't nearly as complex. In early 2012 when a small team of UCM staff members gathered weekly to discuss all of the Continue Reading

Done: Redesign ohio.edu


Something that has always helped me stay efficient and productive, a list can be a lifesaver. Not only does a list give focus but it also gives direct feedback. When I draw a line through a completed item, I hear the affirmation, "You did it!" Today, we were able to check off a long-standing item to complete the redesign of the front door and top navigational sites. Beginning with the end in mind, to develop an audience-focused, user-friendly site that accentuates the positive aspects of the Continue Reading

New ohio.edu For You

Welcome to Ohio University

In a recent Branding OHIO column, I talked about a few of the changes on the horizon this fall for OHIO. One of the projects, which began in the spring of 2013 and that I announced at the beginning of this year, is an overhaul of the website front door at www.ohio.edu. The redesign was based on achieving the following objectives: 1) to enable audiences to engage in content on multiple devices, 2) to create content that is more streamlined and prioritized with students as the main target Continue Reading

Back on Track

Leaves change

Last month this time I had just finished running a quarter marathon. Other than a few jogs here and there, until this morning, I hadn't spent much time running since. Part of the reason is because I have been busy at work and traveling the last several weeks, which made it difficult to stick to my routines. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been actually amazed at seeing that some of the trees around me had already begun reacting to the diminishing sunlight. Though I've always lived in the Continue Reading

Getting Acquainted

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This was the impetus behind UCM's invitation to visit our offices in Scott Quad today to nearly 20 students who will be working with us this fall. As incentive for attending a 60-minute orientation session, students had the opportunity to enjoy pizza and UCM-branded cookies created by Emily, UCM's graphic designer. During the lunch hour, several UCM employees introduced students to the department and shared information on a variety of topics ranging from time management and phone etiquette Continue Reading

A Familiar Face

Bounty on the Bricks selfie

As one of the many new experiences in which I plan to engage during this yearlong celebration of my 5oth year, I recently had a facial. Though I didn't know exactly what to expect, I'm almost certain that if I had read anything online about what to expect during a first-time facial before my appointment, I would have canceled it. Extractions by an esthetician? No thank you. Heading into the room, I was a little reticent, having a hard time imagining what could keep someone occupied with my face Continue Reading

Celebrating Me


A week ago, I turned 50. A few years before my birthday when I started thinking about ways I might want to celebrate, I considered many ways that I could mark the day with friends, family or just me. I imagined what it might feel like to embark on a solo journey to explore the sites and sounds of an exotic global destination. I also contemplated the impact on my life if I were to find a secluded spot and spend time meditating during a silent retreat. But, as my 50th birthday drew closer, I Continue Reading

Another Day


Today I am celebrating my 50th birthday. I've heard some say this birthday is a big milestone and that I should tell everyone that I'm "29 again." That may be fine for some, but I've never had a problem telling my age. Maybe it's because I've always been told that I look young for my age. In my 20's I used to tell people that I would probably appreciate the compliments about looking young when I turned 40. It's true and it's great for me to still get the same type of reaction when I tell someone Continue Reading

Talk of the Quad


(Photo courtesy of Olivia Morris)   University Communications and Marketing (UCM) produced a short video series in November 2011 to share traditions, food and things to be thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday. View "Talk of the Quad" and my Twister tradition discussed at about 2:10 on the video. Happy Throw Back Thursday! Continue Reading