With UCMusings, I want to give University Communications and Marketing a voice. I hope that this blog illuminates what we are all about and helps to foster a community of communicators that are engaged and interested.

Supportive and Influential

My Pledge

I've talked about one of OHIO's distinguished professors and one of the themes of UCM's most recently created brand messaging, "supportive professors" in a previous post. Students who were interviewed about their Ohio University experience told us that their professors really care. They told us that OHIO professors care not only about their work in the classroom, but also about their opportunities for the future. Two professors whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for the past three Continue Reading

“OHIO Promotables” For You

OHIO Promotables

UCM has designed and made available a set of backdrops and banners for University employees to use with our compliments. The items chosen were based on feedback received from Campus Communicators regarding their need for supporting efforts to promote OHIO. Available materials include two green table skirts, two tri-fold tabletop backdrops and three pop-up banners, each prominently featuring the  Ohio University brand. Employees can reserve items by contacting UCM's main office at Continue Reading

Marketing OHIO

Across the green

Though summer at OHIO is relatively quiet because the campus is less populated than in fall and spring, I felt a definite buzz as I arrived to work this past Friday. As I was driving in, I noticed about a half of a dozen groups of prospective students and their families touring the greens. Whether walking to the Ping Center or one of the labs, past the new residential housing project or outside my window in Scott Quad, I saw expressions of excitement and eagerness on the faces of many who Continue Reading



Yesterday wrapped up two days of interviews during a media tour in the nation's capital with President McDavis. He talked about the visit in his blog, describing the time as deeply rewarding. For me, being able to hear the president's passion and conviction about the value of the educational experience at Ohio University with The Washington Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education was a delight. During the visit to Diverse, one of the Continue Reading

Recognizing OHIO

Sliver Anvil Ceremony

It was a Monday in March. I was feeling as if winter would never end. With the abundance of such warm, humid weather we’ve been having lately, it’s almost hard to imagine a winter as dreadful as the most recent one. I’ve been using full spectrum lights in my office for a number of years because I find that they really help lighten my mood (pun intended). Little did I know that on a dreary Monday morning I would get an email that would brighten my day without the need for artificial sun. The Continue Reading

Inspired Again


It's been nearly a month since my last blog post. And what a month it has been. I've experienced trips to both US coasts, a family crisis, and a beach vacation. In post mortems moving forward, I will talk about some of my experiences and the lessons learned along the way. My inspiration to write again today was after reading the first blog post of President Roderick McDavis, my boss and president of Ohio University. He talks in his letter about his reflection on 10 years as president and Continue Reading

It’s What I Do


That's what I said to my daughter when we exchanged details recently about our exercise exploits. We are both runners. And early risers. And we both really enjoy the feeling that endorphins give to carry us through the workout and keep us smiling for some time afterwards. I've talked about my journey to create a habit in a previous post and about how exercising is no longer  something I spend much time thinking about. As I said to Olivia, "It's what I do." A couple of weeks ago I asked Continue Reading

Teams That Work Together Work


In the past five years since I've been a part of UCM, our group has engaged in many activities designed to foster collaboration and camaraderie. Even when several individuals work for the same organization, department or group, having a cohesive team isn't always inevitable. One thing that helps build teams is to have opportunities to share common experiences. I ran across these photos from a team work event at the Dairy Barn Arts Center where we helped to clean inside and out after a summer of Continue Reading

Now What?


Though the energy and excitement in the auditorium was electric this past Friday and Saturday during Commencement 2014, without the ability to bottle the optimism, I wonder how long those feelings lasted? The rest of day? The weekend? Will they last long enough for those with high debt and low prospects to get settled in new jobs or grad school? In the midst of the long lines of former students proceeding towards their futures, I'm sure there was more than one who was questioning his or her Continue Reading

Enjoy the Moments

Today I am planning to focus on taking time to enjoy the moments in my day without constantly focusing on the results. As a task-oriented person, it is extremely easy for me to forget about the means and just focus on the ends. Instead of obsessing over how efficiently I'm conquering my "to do" list, today I'm going to see how effective I can be when I slow down and enjoy the process of work. This is important to me because I believe the things that matter most aren't the things. Today Continue Reading