With UCMusings, I want to give University Communications and Marketing a voice. I hope that this blog illuminates what we are all about and helps to foster a community of communicators that are engaged and interested.

The snowy weekend

February snow  woman

As a child, I enjoyed playing in the snow for some of the same reasons as Peter, the main character in the classic children's book, The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats. I remember reading that book as a child and connecting with Peter's adventure as he made tracks in the snow and created snow angels. I lived in an apartment at the time just as he did and imagined him walking out onto his city block, experimenting with his footprints. Just as Peter discovered that snow and cold go together when Continue Reading

Bottoms up

Dainty hands

UCM has an all-staff meeting each month. We spend the first portion of the meeting acknowledging birthdays and department anniversaries. This month was no exception. We had someone celebrating a birthday, an anniversary and I presented an employee with a Green Valor Award, as part of UCM's employee-led incentive program. Just as I was moving on to the next portion of our agenda, Stacey asked, "Isn't it your anniversary, too?" As I began to answer, "Yes," Mark brought an anniversary plaque to me Continue Reading

Our work matters

Two weeks ago, University Communications and Marketing (UCM), introduced an eight-part video series through Branding OHIO, a byline series targeted to University faculty and staff, entitled, "OHIO's Branding Principles." Each 30-second spoof, produced under the moniker, "UCM Throwback Theater," portrays members of our team personifying some of the principles that guide our communication and creative decisions. In "Our Work Matters," Client Services Coordinator Jennie Daniels, who is currently Continue Reading

Six today


Six years ago today, I began working at Ohio University, marking the advent of a new career path. As I reflect on the past 72 months, I'm reminded of my first 30 days on the job. I wanted to immerse myself as quickly as possible to get a good feel for the character and culture of University Communications and Marketing (UCM) and OHIO. As a way to establish rapport and relationships, I participated in nearly 100 meetings by the end of February 2009. It's fun to think about that whirlwind tour Continue Reading

One brand, one team

Today, University Communications and Marketing (UCM) launched an eight-part video series entitled, "OHIO's Branding Principles," which will introduce a day in the life of members of our team as we work to personify the principles that guide our branding decisions for OHIO (Learn more about those principles in the Branding OHIO series). The production, dubbed, "UCM's Throwback Theater," will demonstrate right away that our team doesn't take itself too seriously. Featuring several UCM staff Continue Reading

14 for ’14

January Hibiscus Surprise

I decided to mark 2014 with a photo essay that depicts a selection from my most memorable moments that were captured digitally each month. Because 2014 was the year I celebrated my 5th anniversary at work as well as my 50th year of life, I added two additional photos.     I started writing this blog in February last year to mark five years at Ohio University. This is one of my favorite photos because I believe it accurately captures how I approach most things -- carefully Continue Reading

Ulf’s Last Day

Ulf viewbook

All month, University Communications and Marketing (UCM) has enjoyed a healthy dose of holiday cheer, which was orchestrated surreptitiously by a friendly little office elf named Ulf Crinkle Merriment. His arrival was heralded by a letter introducing himself and his intent to ensure we promote OHIO by living six principles we adopted earlier in the year to be effective creators, promoters, collaborators, mentors, listeners, and storytellers. He was extremely creative and energetic! In Continue Reading

Ode to the End of Finals

coffee pot

On the 1st day of finals, this is what you see: A warm pot of black coffee. On the 2nd day of finals this is what you see: Two books for sale, and A warm pot of black coffee. On the 3rd day of finals this is what you see: Three students cramming, two books for sale, and A warm pot of black coffee. On the 4th day of finals this is what you see: Four empty halls, three students cramming, two books for sale, and A warm pot of black coffee. On the 5th day of finals Continue Reading

Ulf the Mascot?


All month long, Ulf, UCM's very own elf on a shelf, has been getting into all sorts of scenarios that, while his antics were always cute or funny, something happened yesterday that made me begin to wonder if there was some sort of ulterior motive involved. I love seeing him hang garland in the hallways and put the UCM star on the tree. I'm sure it was quite a feat for the little guy to be up so high and climb that extremely long tailor-made straw ladder! I wasn't even too concerned when I Continue Reading

Meet Ulf: UCM’s Own Shelf Elf

Ulf the UCM Office Elf

UCM has acquired its very own mascot. Well, at least for this month. He arrived at our front desk December 1, right in the middle of post-Thanksgiving holiday designated shopping and giving days, to add a little merriment to our office. He's challenged us with a game of hide and seek and I'm as excited as a child to search for our sprightly and I suspect, slightly mischievous little friend over the next several days. Ulf promises to keep a keen eye on us this month to see how well we are able Continue Reading