With UCMusings, I want to give University Communications and Marketing a voice. I hope that this blog illuminates what we are all about and helps to foster a community of communicators that are engaged and interested.

Getting Acquainted

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This was the impetus behind UCM's invitation to visit our offices in Scott Quad today to nearly 20 students who will be working with us this fall. As incentive for attending a 60-minute orientation session, students had the opportunity to enjoy pizza and UCM-branded cookies created by Emily, UCM's graphic designer. During the lunch hour, several UCM employees introduced students to the department and shared information on a variety of topics ranging from time management and phone etiquette Continue Reading

A Familiar Face

Bounty on the Bricks selfie

As one of the many new experiences in which I plan to engage during this yearlong celebration of my 5oth year, I recently had a facial. Though I didn't know exactly what to expect, I'm almost certain that if I had read anything online about what to expect during a first-time facial before my appointment, I would have canceled it. Extractions by an esthetician? No thank you. Heading into the room, I was a little reticent, having a hard time imagining what could keep someone occupied with my face Continue Reading

Celebrating Me


A week ago, I turned 50. A few years before my birthday when I started thinking about ways I might want to celebrate, I considered many ways that I could mark the day with friends, family or just me. I imagined what it might feel like to embark on a solo journey to explore the sites and sounds of an exotic global destination. I also contemplated the impact on my life if I were to find a secluded spot and spend time meditating during a silent retreat. But, as my 50th birthday drew closer, I Continue Reading

Another Day


Today I am celebrating my 50th birthday. I've heard some say this birthday is a big milestone and that I should tell everyone that I'm "29 again." That may be fine for some, but I've never had a problem telling my age. Maybe it's because I've always been told that I look young for my age. In my 20's I used to tell people that I would probably appreciate the compliments about looking young when I turned 40. It's true and it's great for me to still get the same type of reaction when I tell someone Continue Reading

Talk of the Quad


(Photo courtesy of Olivia Morris)   University Communications and Marketing (UCM) produced a short video series in November 2011 to share traditions, food and things to be thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday. View "Talk of the Quad" and my Twister tradition discussed at about 2:10 on the video. Happy Throw Back Thursday! Continue Reading

Cheesy Distraction

Mac and cheese

Among the chicken nuggets, pizza, and hot dogs, I saw when I Googled images for "kids favorite foods," I noticed several images of macaroni and cheese. The answers posted on a blog to the question, "How do you like your mac and cheese?" were widely varied, with strong preferences for specific types of pasta, such as cavatappi and rotini, as well as for specific cheeses, which ran the gamut from traditional cheddar and American to Gruyere and Gouda. One respondent said she's a "crispy top girl" Continue Reading

Supportive and Influential

My Pledge

I've talked about one of OHIO's distinguished professors and one of the themes of UCM's most recently created brand messaging, "supportive professors" in a previous post. Students who were interviewed about their Ohio University experience told us that their professors really care. They told us that OHIO professors care not only about their work in the classroom, but also about their opportunities for the future. Two professors whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for the past three Continue Reading

“OHIO Promotables” For You

OHIO Promotables

UCM has designed and made available a set of backdrops and banners for University employees to use with our compliments. The items chosen were based on feedback received from Campus Communicators regarding their need for supporting efforts to promote OHIO. Available materials include two green table skirts, two tri-fold tabletop backdrops and three pop-up banners, each prominently featuring the  Ohio University brand. Employees can reserve items by contacting UCM's main office at Continue Reading

Marketing OHIO

Across the green

Though summer at OHIO is relatively quiet because the campus is less populated than in fall and spring, I felt a definite buzz as I arrived to work this past Friday. As I was driving in, I noticed about a half of a dozen groups of prospective students and their families touring the greens. Whether walking to the Ping Center or one of the labs, past the new residential housing project or outside my window in Scott Quad, I saw expressions of excitement and eagerness on the faces of many who Continue Reading



Yesterday wrapped up two days of interviews during a media tour in the nation's capital with President McDavis. He talked about the visit in his blog, describing the time as deeply rewarding. For me, being able to hear the president's passion and conviction about the value of the educational experience at Ohio University with The Washington Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education was a delight. During the visit to Diverse, one of the Continue Reading