With UCMusings, I want to give University Communications and Marketing a voice. I hope that this blog illuminates what we are all about and helps to foster a community of communicators that are engaged and interested.

Sharing and networking

Today's throwback Thursday presentation is the next to last in the Branding OHIO series in Compass Points. Hopefully you've gleaned through the actions of the staff how much we care about branding and the OHIO brand in particular. We are here to support you. Though great stories start here, we need to hear from you to spread the word. Our staff is open and willing to continuously find ways to work together to help ensure OHIO's brand stands strong. In Share Stories and Network Solutions, Continue Reading

Carrying the torch

UCM’s Throwback Theater released another video today showing one of UCM’s employees demonstrating the importance of effective and consistent use of the OHIO brand. In “Keep OHIO’s Tradition Shining Brightly,” UCM’s video editor Todd gives a literal example of how to maintain OHIO’s brand. Are you carrying the torch?       Continue Reading

Ninety years of service


I had the pleasure of attending the "2015 Outstanding Administrator Awards and Recognition of Administrators' Years of Service" program this afternoon where five UCM employees were recognized for a combined total of 90 years of service to the University. I am proud and humbled at the opportunity I've had the past six years to work with such a committed and talented group of people. Sitting among all of the Ohio University employees but especially the UCM employees who were able to attend today's Continue Reading

Happy Monday

"Happy Monday" is my usual greeting for the beginning of the week. It's my way to welcome employees to work and set a positive tone for the days ahead. My first UCMusings blog post was on a Monday. There were a few reasons why I decided to do this. First because this blog was introduced to mark my 5th anniversary at Ohio University, I wanted to start the blog on the first day I started my new job. Second, I wanted to get over the idea that Mondays are miserable. I thought if I made a Continue Reading

UCM Throwback Theater double feature

Today through Compass, Ohio University's official news source, I released a "Throwback Theater" doubleheader featuring more UCM employees. In the two vignettes released today, "Develop a Dynamic Duo," and "Use the Site, Luke," three staff members don costumes to illustrate the power of OHIO's brand. Actors in "Develop a Dynamic Duo:" Writers Angela and Gretchen (past employee) give a super demonstration of what a viable partnership would look like if brands could walk. Actor in "Use the Continue Reading

The snowy weekend

February snow  woman

As a child, I enjoyed playing in the snow for some of the same reasons as Peter, the main character in the classic children's book, The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats. I remember reading that book as a child and connecting with Peter's adventure as he made tracks in the snow and created snow angels. I lived in an apartment at the time just as he did and imagined him walking out onto his city block, experimenting with his footprints. Just as Peter discovered that snow and cold go together when Continue Reading

Bottoms up

Dainty hands

UCM has an all-staff meeting each month. We spend the first portion of the meeting acknowledging birthdays and department anniversaries. This month was no exception. We had someone celebrating a birthday, an anniversary and I presented an employee with a Green Valor Award, as part of UCM's employee-led incentive program. Just as I was moving on to the next portion of our agenda, Stacey asked, "Isn't it your anniversary, too?" As I began to answer, "Yes," Mark brought an anniversary plaque to me Continue Reading

Our work matters

Two weeks ago, University Communications and Marketing (UCM), introduced an eight-part video series through Branding OHIO, a byline series targeted to University faculty and staff, entitled, "OHIO's Branding Principles." Each 30-second spoof, produced under the moniker, "UCM Throwback Theater," portrays members of our team personifying some of the principles that guide our communication and creative decisions. In "Our Work Matters," Client Services Coordinator Jennie Daniels, who is currently Continue Reading

Six today


Six years ago today, I began working at Ohio University, marking the advent of a new career path. As I reflect on the past 72 months, I'm reminded of my first 30 days on the job. I wanted to immerse myself as quickly as possible to get a good feel for the character and culture of University Communications and Marketing (UCM) and OHIO. As a way to establish rapport and relationships, I participated in nearly 100 meetings by the end of February 2009. It's fun to think about that whirlwind tour Continue Reading

One brand, one team

Today, University Communications and Marketing (UCM) launched an eight-part video series entitled, "OHIO's Branding Principles," which will introduce a day in the life of members of our team as we work to personify the principles that guide our branding decisions for OHIO (Learn more about those principles in the Branding OHIO series). The production, dubbed, "UCM's Throwback Theater," will demonstrate right away that our team doesn't take itself too seriously. Featuring several UCM staff Continue Reading