With UCMusings, I want to give University Communications and Marketing a voice. I hope that this blog illuminates what we are all about and helps to foster a community of communicators that are engaged and interested.

UCM students speak

The UCM Experience

The first week of the semester is always a busy time at OHIO with events such as the First Year Student Orientation, the Board of Trustees meeting, not to mention the return of students to campus and a whole new class of freshmen. It is also an exciting time of the year for UCM when we welcome back and introduce many new face to our team of student workers. On this past Friday, we officially kicked off the semester with Orientation and Training led by several UCMers and chatted to the group Continue Reading

Summer sabbatical

The last time I talked about a sabbatical was spring of 2014 when I discovered the benefits of accidentally leaving my mobile phone at home, which led me to take a pledge to participate in the National Day of Unplugging. This past spring, I was caught up in so much preparation for such a wide variety of work and personal endeavors that I completely missed the day to unplug. I've added a note on my calendar to check the website on March 1 , 2016 so I won't miss another opportunity to be part of a Continue Reading

Branding with brackets


About a week ago, I wrote a column for my regular branding series, Branding OHIO, giving a primer on ways to incorporate the “it’s you” brand theme and related brackets into promotional materials. There were visuals included in the story to demonstrate accepted practices for usage. As OHIO's "it's you" campaign continues to gain traction with internal and external audiences, UCM staff remain thrilled at its growing popularity and are hopeful that our campus partners will continue to express Continue Reading

Making a mark


The last two weekends have been extremely busy in my household. My oldest son graduated from law school last weekend and yesterday my youngest daughter gave birth to a baby girl. In between those two feats, my family moved into our new custom built home. As my son works to make decisions on his next steps in law, I think about how important it is for him to make his mark on the world. When he was just a few days old, his godmother held him in her arms and said to him, "You're going to be a Continue Reading



With the end of the academic year behind us, there's a feeling a completion. For me, completion also signifies accomplishment. One of the newest initiatives at University Communications and Marketing (UCM) is UCM University (UCMU). UCMU is a workshop series spearheaded by UCM in which students, faculty, and staff can participate in a variety of learning opportunities such as how to use the OHIO brand, navigate Compass, or take better photos. Essentially, UCMU was designed to provide ways to make Continue Reading

Planning and playing


I mentioned in a previous post last year that teams that work together work. I talked about a community service project that our team engaged in at the Dairy Barn, which was a great opportunity to build our team. That activity was just one of many exercises in which we've engaged our minds and our bodies to strategize and stretch ourselves as a group. We've gone on a group hike (much to the chagrin of several members who thought it would never end), We've made s'mores (at which I Continue Reading

Celebrating the next generation

1 day countdown

"Coach the Next Generation," is the title and the theme of our latest Throwback Theater production of OHIO's branding principles video series, which we began showing in January of this year. In this final video, you may recognize Bethany, UCM's Sr. Director of Communication Services and host of one of our newest internal communication vehicles, Inside OHIO. This post is a "two-fer" -- take a few minutes and watch Bethany instruct some students on branding basics and hear her share some Continue Reading

Students ready for change


The US Department of Education has a blog dedicated to communicating about the move towards tobacco free campuses at colleges around the country. According to the blog, since the initiative launched three years ago, "more than 1,159 university and college campuses have implemented tobacco- or smoke-free policies." Ohio University is adopting such a policy effective this coming fall. Several students shared their thoughts about the policy in a video, which seems to indicate a readiness for the Continue Reading

Sharing and networking

Today's throwback Thursday presentation is the next to last in the Branding OHIO series in Compass Points. Hopefully you've gleaned through the actions of the staff how much we care about branding and the OHIO brand in particular. We are here to support you. Though great stories start here, we need to hear from you to spread the word. Our staff is open and willing to continuously find ways to work together to help ensure OHIO's brand stands strong. In Share Stories and Network Solutions, Continue Reading

Carrying the torch

UCM’s Throwback Theater released another video today showing one of UCM’s employees demonstrating the importance of effective and consistent use of the OHIO brand. In “Keep OHIO’s Tradition Shining Brightly,” UCM’s video editor Todd gives a literal example of how to maintain OHIO’s brand. Are you carrying the torch?       Continue Reading